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this is keith .i am a medico
i ld like to know is there anychance of malignant transformation in a case of chronic hydradenitis suppurativa.
i know a patient with this problem but she has no boils now,excepting for pruritis and lichenifications in the affected area.


Hi! My mom suffers from this disease, so I did a lot of research oh the topic. I am no medical student or anything I just did some reading on this topic because of my mom’s condition.
My mom has just experienced relapse. She has open wound now and they are applying some dressings on these wounds.

As for your question of malignancy……yes, it is possible. Development of squamous cell carcinoma represents one of the possible complications and is considered as a disease progress. This is what we have been told.

There is a possibility of verrucous carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma and they usually occur in the anogenital region.

I hope I helped you a little bit.


I don't know what to tell about this because it is really difficult to say something without being a doctor, but I can tell you what I was reading and what I have been told. Hidradenitis suppurativa causes so many things and I believe that malignancy is one of those things, unfortunately. I think that my good friend told me that we all should consider the high spontaneous cancer risk. So, that means that there are some potential risks.  But just to be sure, consult someone who is really the expert and ask him whatever you want to know.