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Hi my name is Jimisha Florence, I am 30 Years old and I started gaining weight when I was 26, I am now 30 and I am 260 pounds. I have these bumps that come between my legs when I don't bath everyday a or if I leave the sweat on my thighs. and I eat poorly and keep gaining weight. I know that when I was slimmer this problem wasn't the case. Now I have to see my primary doctor to send me to a dermatologist to help me get rid of the pimple and black heads on my inner thighs. Now I just found out that this could be a diagnose of the Hidradenitis Suppurativa  in need of  anti-androgen therapy. I need to see a rheumatologist refer to from my primary doctor. And I know that I need to loose weight, watch what I put in my body and exercise and bath as often as possible.


Yes, that is it. You are definitely dealing with Hidradenitis Suppurativa. It is very common and this area where you find it. Hidradenitis suppurativa causes are different. I am not sure is the doctor able to explain it. Any doctor, I mean. But you should know that some more common causes are pretty much same to all people. First, it develops when hair follicles become blocked and inflamed, but the only problem is because no one knows exactly why this blockage occurs, but it happens, as you can see and feel. I have heard that those factors that may play a huge role include hormones, metabolic syndrome, genetics, an irregular immune system. Even it can happen if you are a smoker and if you don't eat a healthy food.