I'm thinking about joining my high school cross country team (because a lot of my friends are doing it and I've heard it's SO fun!), but I haven't really run before (like track, cross country, etc). I haven't really ran at all actually.So this would be my first big experience. Granted I did soccer when I was littler. But I have patellar dislocation (where the knee cap comes out of place) and sometimes my knee just hurts when I do a slight little jog or even sometimes a hike. Would it be dangerous to try cross country? I do have a knee brace, but I don't know how good that will keep it from dislocating. I haven't really tried running in it before.

A few months ago, I wanted to do cross country so much, but now I am having second thoughts (my family is talking me out of it -- the risks of my knee and how I am not really a runner). What do you think I should do? The first practice is tonight. So I need to decide soon! What are the risks in running with patellar dislocation?