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So I'm joining the Army and I'm trying to get in shape for basic. Running is the only thing I'm scared I might fail as I need to do 2 miles in 16 min. I managed an 8 minute mile after exercising often, but I'm exhausted after that.

Anyways, I started running outside recently (instead of on a treadmill) and the front part of my upper leg, right under my knee is in a lot of pain when I go up/down stairs. I'm guessing it is Runner's Knee, but it's not the actual knee cap that is hurting. I can't afford to go to the doctor and I can't have any more medical problems or I won't be able to get in the military. I had cancer a while back and it's already hard enough for me to join.

What can I do to stop from getting this pain? I don't want it to be an issue by the time basic comes as I know it won't help my running time. I've been using an elliptical and I won't get the pain, but if I go out and run one day it comes back.

Any help is appreciated.


I just want to add that I do stretch my legs thoroughly before I jog.