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Death. It is one of the only things I am truly scared of. Not the fact of dieing scares me though. Its what comes AFTER death. I have no idea why I am scared, ever since I was little I was scared. But it began when I got a book about the human body, and I sat there reading and saw the skeleton and the heart and veins. And I thought this is what I will look like when I die. What will happen after I die?

I am a Christian, so yes I believe in Heaven and Hell. But can you prove it? Can you prove that there actually is heaven? Are you sure its not just pitch black after death. Like nothing. No thinking, not a thing. If your religion is the RIGHT religion and everything else is wrong. Like only reincarnation is right, or only heaven, or etc. If it's right, then why are there SO MANY OTHER RELIGIONS in the world all saying different things? I know, it's the DEVIL trying to DECEIVE you. Prove it. How do you know there is a devil.

That is what I'm mainly scared of. I know nobody knows but... Id like to at least discuss it... See what other people think, so I could put pieces together so I wont always be thinking about dieing at such a young age...


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Well I've been here for 70 years and it seems to me that every religion has that "We're the only ones who are right" clause in it. That has been the cause of most of the wars that have ever been fought in this world.

Now I'm not an atheist, I believe in God but I feel that what I have is simply my own beliefs and everyone else is entitled to theirs as long as they don't decide to kill me because I'm not them.

I'm not worried about death. We're all going there. HOW I get there worries me some. I don't like watching someone suffer and I don't want to suffer on my way out.

I can tell you I used to worry about dieing when I was young but no longer.


dont worry about it! :) your not dead, and no matter what we do well never know what the hell happens after we die, so just live your life and make sure that whatever happens down the road, after the road ends you had 70+ AMAZING years to remember.