Hi my name is Elona i'am 15 year old. In 2016 i went to a christian concert with a friend i'am not really a christian, anyway during that night when we were in the mosh pit dancing i heard someone say my name very clearly in a voice i didn't recognize, i thought it was my friend but i asked her if she said my name but she didn't. The next experience was when we were praying in our seats i heard again someone say my name very clearly i turned around and everyone was praying. about 2 days later i was sleeping and woke up to someone stroking my back i didn't wake up and it stopped i woke up to it and it was still stroking my back, i turned around in shock and no one was there. i didn't sleep for the rest of the night as i was in shock and and couldn't move. I got out of bed at 5 to do my exercise hoping it will help to get it of my mind i was having a drink in the kitchen and in the living room all the windows were closed next thing i know is the shutters start banging by them self. 2 years later 2018 a couple of months ago i have been starting to see things such as people shapes and shadows and hear things it all started when me and mum where in the car at night and i saw someone walking on the road and panicked cause mum nearly ran them over i panicked and screamed at mum saying watch out there someone crossing the road and mum said there was no one was there. i cant tell you everything about what I've seen or heard because its been to many to remember. Another example i was coming back from camp and i saw a weird orange shape in the sky i blinked again and it wasn't there and it wasn't the sun because the sun was on the other side of the bus. i always hear people whispering my name i always blame it on my friends and keep telling them stop saying my name but its never them, and i always ask a them who said my name and no one said it. Someone please answer and tell me whats going on please.