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my wife and i were going hard at it one night trying to have another baby. just as i was about to climax we both heard this gasp coming from the closet. when we looked round the closet door was open. so i got up pulled my boxers on and continued towards the closet. when i opened the door quite violently i saw my 12 year old son (who was in bed when me and my wife went past his door) sitting there with no bottems on and had just cummed all over himself. i yelled at him saying what are you doing. he said what do you think (cheeky brat), so i pulled him out and put him on a seat in my wife and i's bedroom. he cried repeatably saying no don't let mum see me naked, and i said tough. 

so the most awkward situation ever - my wife lying naked in the bed, me standing there with my boxers on with an erection and our son sitting there half naked with his c.u.m all over his penis and legs (he doesnt even have any pubic hair down there).

my son continued to cry whilst saying that he had been masturbating for a while over pictures from the sun newspaper and he wanted to see some live action. so when he heard my wife and i discussing the possibly of trying for another baby he watched us every night for 2 weeks before we decided to go for it ( flipping sex education teaching them so young). he had managed to get into the closet when my wife and i had slipped into to bathroom together.

i told him to go get his botttems and go clean up (which he did quite quickly and still crying his wee eyes out) when he left i turned to my wife and she just laughed over the situation. after discussing it for a while that night and then in the morning we decided that i (flipping brilliant) would speak with him over the matter when he comes back after his weekend away with the school trip (he going to have lots of fun now after what happened the night before). when he came down in the morning he very nervously said sorry and hate his breakfast very fast. when i was taking him in the car to school (had to be there for 8:30) he didn't speak at all, and he is usually talkative in the car with me. when we reached the bus at the school and put his bags on the bus i gave him a hug and told him it was alright, also that his mum and i didn't really care what happened because he was so young. he then said that we will talk about it when he gets back. 

so what am i going to say to him? (u can masturbate, just not over your parents). he is clearly effected about the awkward situation. i need to tell him something to get him back to himself


Wow.... umm. Well talk to him about it not like yelling or swering about what happend. Oh and just cheak the closet be4 you have sex. Good luck.