I was run over 6yrs ago this month, i was catapulted in the air and fortunately landed on the cars side mirror before hitting the ground, fortunately this saved my life. I spent 5 weeks in hospital with a compound fracture of my tibia and fibula, several skull fractures, sternum,clavicle and scapula also fractured, i had persistant pain in my head and back of my neck as soon as the morphine was stopped (and the leg which i expected anyway)although complaining of this neck pain i was told my muscles would still be in shock and given diazapen for a couple of days but i was out for the count everytime the doctor did his rounds. having never lost this pain in my neck since i repeatedly went to my GP's over the next 3 years and was given anti-inflammatory tablets and told it was in fact my ankylosing spondilitis which i had just started to suffer from a couple of years before my accident, its not really a problem just first thing in a morning and nowt a good stretch or swim won't sort out, its a pain but its a tolerable one, MY NECKHURTS!!!!!!!it isn't nothing to do with my back i kept telling them i know the stiffness as i know the same stiffness in my leg were it was broken the fibula is still in two pieces but the shin is knitted and hey i've got two legs and am able to talk about it, i weigh the positives over the what could have beens and i can even jog now, play football and use them to keep trotting down to the surgery to bore the DR's with my neck still hurts it isn't spondilitis, why can't i turn it to the right???? At last a locum DR referred me for an MRI and hey presto my sterno mastoid muscle is completely severed and they say its been too long for them to be sure they can fix it, whats more i have started getting a lump on my neck, gas coming from my mouth if i try to pop my ears due to sinus pressure and this lump has worked its shite out of my ear burning my eardrum from inside out, have been offered an op to graft my eardrum, i don't want my eardrum grafted up as then the lump will find some other way of draining and it burns like acid, my partner is 2months pregnant and again i have just been to tghe GP's as i saw an out of hours dr who gave me a letter to tell my GP to check for subcutaneous emphysema and my dr has just said who is this Dr P she is crackers , tell her i said that, what do you want me to do? i said refer me to see somebody about this lump and you know what he said you are under the ENT.. YES for a perforated eardrum that has been caused by fluid burning out of my eustachian tube that i am fully aware is nothing to do with my neck muscle but whats the lump and why aren't they looking