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Yesterday i went grocery shopping and when i was at the cashiers, i looked down and saw a 20 dollar bill on the floor. Yes, i picked it up and tucked it into my purse!!
As i was walking to the car i kept fighting the urge to take it back to the service desk. What if this 20 dollar bill was all the money that someone had?
Or what if this person had so much money that a missing 20 wouldn't even be noticed?
I drove home.
Now i live in the country and a drive to the grocery store is a long one and not something i can do everyday, but......i got home and was putting my groceries away and felt sooo guilty, i basically stole this money!
Now, weird things started to happen. I broke the coffee pot, slammed my fingers in the garage door, fell over my dog, dried something in the dryer that wasn't supposed to go in there, now it fits a Barbie doll, forgot to lock the kennel and my dogs both took off, (their back) went to the mailbox at at road and got completly splashed when a car drove to close to a big puddle, forgot to mail an important document that was to be dated for yesterday, now we get a penalty, yikes, this was all before lunch!!
This was all because i did not take back this money, (i think)
I got into my car and drove all the way back into town but before i got there, i hit a raccoon and left him flopping around in the middle of the road.
I should have gone back and re ran him over to end his misery, i didn't.
I got into a parking space and watched helplessly as a shopping cart slammed into my back passenger door leaving a nice little scrape.
I was hoping to get back into the store without getting run over.
I turned in the money and was rewarded with a scratch off lottery ticket, which brought me a whopping 2 bucks!!!
I got home without incident and took a nap, i was scared to do anything else, lol.

If you found money, what would you do, BE HONEST. If you found a bag of cash in the middle of the road and it turned out to be thousands, what would you do? Again, BE HONEST.

I really thought i was being punished for hanging on to this stupid 20 dollar bill, it was either that or i was having a horrible stroke of bad luck.
What do you think?


Hi bbfeet
very interesting and frightening story. Only few hours and so many things happened to you.
I'm not sure what would I do if I found big amount of money, but I know what I did with (you will not believe this) 20$. :-) I found them on the street and even if I wanted (and I didn't) to return them, I couldn't. There was no way of knowing to whom they belong to. So I took them, and just went to meet with my friends. Nothing happened. :-)
Now, if I found a wallet I would return that, and would not take the money. People have personal document there and it is very important to them. I know if I lost my wallet I would like someone to return it to me. I would give him a reward thats for sure.


Wow, you DID have a rough morning. I think your guardian angel is WAY too uptight!! I once found a hundred dollar bill on the floor infront of the checkout counter at Radio Shack on Christmas Eve. As the man infront of me started to pay for his keyboard that he was obviously buying for himself, I asked him if he dropped the money. He thought fast and said, "Oh, ya, thanks!" I knew instantly from his reaction that it wasn't his. I kicked myself all the way home. But after thinking it through, I realized I would have felt too guilty to enjoy it. Like you, I thought that it might be someone's hard earned money. Well, that was when I was young and foolish - now thinking back on it I know it was simply a gift from the Gods meant for ME!! Now, if I found a big bag of money in the road with no one around, I would have to call the police to report it because that would clearly be a test from my guardian angel.


You see he didn't even blink and he took the money. Maybe it was his, maybe it wasn't, you will never find out.
Everybody is different. And that is a fact. Some people steal some people return what was lost.


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Well bb, that's quite a question.

I would certainly want to get it back to whomever lost it.
However, there is no way I believe you were getting punished for keeping it.
I'm beginning to think this is a rhe :-( torical question though.
No one could have all those things happen to them.

If you wanted to get it back to the owner, do you really feel taking it back to the service desk would accomplish that?
What is the chance that someone would go to the service desk and ask if anyone has found a $20?
How do they prove it's theirs?
Do they ask em for the serial number? ha ha
Will someone there just keep it anyway instead of you?

The law in my state says you have to turn in found stuff or is stealing.
I think turning it over the cops is the LEAST likely way to get it back to it's owner.

My wife found some router bits and the wooden block they were stored in, on the street. The block had holes for 40 bits but she only located about 30 scattered around the area. We turned them in to the police and it's my belief that they ended up in some cops home workshop. They took her name but we never heard from anyone. Those are so expensive that I know if I lost them and got them back at the police station, I would certainly have called the person who found them to say thank you.

I feel they would have much more likely found their way home if we had kept them and put an ad in the paper saying something like: found in town, set of carpenters tools. Then when they called, if they were able to tell me what tools they lost and the area they had been in, I would have reason to believe them.

I found a $10 bill once when I was installing the removable spectator fence at the airport where we went drag racing back around 1964. It had been 2 weeks since the last race. It obviously belonged to some spectator from an earlier race. There was no practical way I could ever identify the owner so I considered it money from Heaven. If we announced on the PA system that we found a $10, I wonder how many responses we would have had?

Geez, maybe I did get punished for that. Not long after that, Shirley Muldowney appeared on the local racing scene, running a car in the same eliminator bracket as ours. We had to race against her for the money at just about every strip we went to for the next 7 years, all over the northeast and Canada.

Nah! That wasn't much punishment. It was a pleasure to run against Shirley. She was a great driver and her husband Jack built her a great car. We had to work hard to be a little better. In probably a couple hundred races she only beat us twice. One time she was running our spare, new clutch, in her car because she hurt hers on the previous run and wouldn't have been able to make the final round against us for the money. Most tracks didn't want to pay you winner's money if your competitor didn't show up at the starting line for the final round. The second time we had a new driver, on his first run in our car, and she laid a wicked hole shot on him. One year we were at the first money race at Napierville in Canada. As usual I went looking around the pits to see what our competition was and if Shirley in particular, was there. She spotted me and called me over. She handed me a special tool we used to adjust our magnetos. She had borrowed it from us at the last race at New England Dragway the previous year. If anyone else had borrowed it, I don't think we would have ever seen it again.

Another time in the 70s, I found a $10 as I walked into my local watering hole, on the foot rest below the bar. I asked the bartender, who was a friend of mine, if she had any idea who lost it. I kept it and she said if anyone asked if she found one that night, she'd have them call me. No one ever asked about it and I don't feel I did anything wrong.

When I got out of the army at Ft. Gordon, I stopped at a motel in Alabama on my way to Kansas. When I got to Cincinatti I stopped for gas. I discovered I didn't have my wallet with me. Luckily there was a girl I knew from church in Augusta Ga. who lived in Cincinatti. She paid for my gas and I went to her house to call the motel. They had it. The girl who cleaned my room found it in a drawer. NEVER put your stuff in a drawer at a motel!!!! I had to drive all the way back to pick it up. Spent another night at that motel and drive all the way back to Cincy again. But I was sure grateful to that cleaning girl because that was all the money I had in the world.


One day I found 5.00 in the grocery store parking lot. I silently said "Thank you, this will go towards a toy for a child." I boughtr a 5.00 toy to donate to toys for tots. Every year, beginging in January I buy at least 3 toys a week, so that by the time Decemember rolls around I have enough toys to make alot of children happy on Christmas. :-) It's a great feeling, and money I find on the floor, I thank my Guardian angel for letting me help yet another child in need.


That is a very good and noble thing that you are doing. In the end of the year you have like 150 toys? That will make a lot of children happy.


Yes, about 150 toys or was so wonderful because last year, a Marine from our Local Base who runs toys for tots , came by my house and picked them up for me. Our local post office wasn't having it, and it was too far for me to deliver. I thought it was very kind of him to do! :-) I love buying toys for them, and this week there is a special By two toys gets one free, at Walgreens, for 13.95. And the toys are great! :-) I will be buying 3 of them today. :-)


Yet another example of someone short on morals. I went to our neighborhood farm cart to see if she had any green peppers. Every year this lady grows her produce and sells it at the side of the road. There is a locked money box attached to a cord which is screwed into the cart. She believes in the honor system as so do many farmers out here. I got my peppers, 6 for 2 bucks compared to the produce dept. at my local grocery store, 2.99 a pound!! I put a single dollar bill and 4 quarters in the box.
In the meantime, a young women filled a plastic bag with jalapeno's, tied them with a twister tie, hemmed and hawed for a minute, then got into her truck and drove off, she never fed the money box.
I just sort of stood there watching her drive out of site. I looked at the price list which is clearly marked and saw that those peppers were 10 for a buck, come on, where can you get jalpenos for that little? Her bag looked like it held about 30 peppers so i fed the can my last 2.50, i was .50 short. I carry loose change in my truck so i scraped that up and paid the rest.

I gotta tell ya, these farmers save us a ton of money. I very rarely buy my produce from the store in growing season. How can someone be so petty and cheap? These veggies are fresh and they taste so good, i love to help our local farmers. I visit this stand so often that the lady gives me bags of apples and stuff that may a tiny blemish on it, for free.
I hope those jalapeno's were hot, hot, hot. >;)


This is not just cheap person but it she is very rood if you ask me. It's only 3 bucks. If she can not pay 3 bucks, which I doubt, then take just one or two, not the hole bag...
That would be my option too, bbfeet. If you can buy from farmers directly, then do it. It is much easier then going to grocery store.