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I am 25 and have a 9 month old baby boy. I had an epidural and vaginal delivery.

Ever since he was born my stomach seems to be so sensitive - I have had bad cramps and diarrhea at least 7 times since his birth which I believe are food poisoning (no vomiting though). Why is my stomach so easily upset now? The foods that seem to be upsetting me are all varied both healthy and unhealthy and are foods that I ate during pregnancy that didn't upset me...

Any ideas?




my son is almost a month old...and for the past week im having the same was the worst..i couldnt even make it to the bath room in scares me..did you ever get your situation fixed i dont have insurance ended the week after i had him...i cant afford to go to the Doc...if this dont go away im scared ill have to just live with it!!