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My mother-in-law has night time leg cramps several times a week, and she thinks that they are the result of having an allergy to milk products I have not been able to find a conection to leg cramps and an allergy to milk products. Is it possibe that there is a conection?

What are causes of night time leg cramps are there


Hi! There are many possible causes of night time leg cramps but I am not aware of the link between milk allergy and the disorder.
The night time cramping occurs more often to older people, those over 50, but it happens to youngsters as well although not as often.
It is impossible to say what is causing your mother-in-law’s cramps but we can count the possible reasons.
It could be an exaggeration of a normal muscle reflex. We may be contracting calf muscles during sleep, stretch the tendons. It may happen that the muscles stay contracted and this is what causes the pain.
If your mother-in-law has problems with spinal disk disease, pinched nerve or some kind of muscle damage, there could be her cause. If she is not aware of it, she may see a doc about it and have it checked because if the cramping goes on, it may impair her sleep and therefore her daily functioning.
Some people experience night time cramping due to dehydration or potassium loss from diuretics’ drugs use for hypertension.
Also, the cramping may appear if she is standing or sitting for too long or if she has been lying in a not so comfortable position.


I definitely have a reaction to dairy products.  I have determined that my leg cramps and swelling of joints are associated with eatiing or drinking dairy products.  I also get headaches after eating small amounts of milk in bread or chocolate.  I used to drink LOTS of milk but after an episode of a swollen ankle which was misdiagnosed as DVT and enduring 6 months of painful inflammation while I was on coumadin, I was determined to find out what was the source.  And I found relief by eliminating all dairy!!!  The reason I had an issue at night with leg cramps was because it took that long for something I ate at noon for the manifestation of this reaction.  My inflammation of the ankles and joints does not occur until I have small amounts of milk in my daily diet.  The DVT episode came on me at the age of 62 and I have never experienced a reaction to milk that time.  I know there will be skeptics, but find your own truth when the doctors do not have answers or will more easily prescribe medications rather than finding the source.