I have had severe menstrual pain since since i have been 13 (im 22 now) i would bleed abnormally heavily and have such horrible pain i missed school and have to miss work. i would double over, stop in my tracks, not be able to move and just cry because of the pain. I have went to 3 specialist. one said i was just extremely fertile. the second suggested pregnancy would help with the pain, but there is nothing he can do. the third has been the most proactive and helpful. i have prescribed painkillers and muscle relaxers and birth control. i have tried every home remedy ranging from heating pads and soaking in hot baths. i have had a laparoscopy in 2011, a D&C and hysteroscopy in 2012 (different surgeons) and ruled out endometriosis after the laparoscopy, and had found small polyps after the D&C and hysteroscopy. and yet i still have this horrible pain. they have ruled out PCOS. i want to ask my current specialist if he would perform a second laparoscopy. any suggestions? is this a good idea? is there other possible rare diseases that can cause me this much pain? i am so miserable all i want is a hysterectomy because this is unbearable. i am too young to think about that,(i dont have children) but i feel like it is my last option unless i live with this pain. any input is appreciated!