My mother had a D&C in 1997 for heavy bleeding and was put on birth-control pills. Everything was perfect until the brand was discontinued (2004?)and we switched to a different brand. She started to bleed heavily with spotting in between. She also had high blood pressure. My mom was given hormone pills and put on a different birth-control that had a lower risk of increasing blood pressure. During the summer, she started to bleed heavily again and her blood pressure was borderline high. (Her BP is much better now).

After the same opinions from 3 gynos, she had another D&C exactly two months ago. The doctor was able to see and get rid of polyps with the hysteroscopy. Her first period after the D&C was normal but lasted only 2 days. After, she experienced spotting up until the beginning of this month. A day later my mom started to have very heavy bleeding, changing pads 5 times a night. I called the gyno and we had a hemoglobin and ferratin blood test done. We learned that she is Anemic and prescribed Iron pills. He says the menorrhagia isn't curable and we have to wait it out until she reaches menopause. She is 45. He offered 2 options: ablation using Novasure or IUD with progestin (Mirena). We were to research both and get back with him with a decision.

She was very pale and exhausted so I took her to our general doctor to get an IV for strength. The doctor read the report from the D&C (faxed from Gyno) and he said it's a hormonal imbalance and her polyps could return so he recommended an IUD WITHOUT hormones or Provera. He said to learn more about everything via the web (which I have been doing) and calling a nurse at Planned Parenthood. I did and was advised that ablation is a better method for her since she doesn't want any more kids and wants results immediately. My mom has a VERY low tolerance for pain. Even though we were advised that she may be bleeding for the first few months after the D&C, she's having a lot of trouble dealing with it both physically and mentally, even thinking of have a hysterectomy to "solve" the problem. I will call Planned Parenthood Monday again and ask her about Novasure as the ablation method and see if her opinion is different.

From a post on this website, I went on the FDA website and was scared about what I read there in addition to different opinion sites from women who have had it done with Novasure. I don't know what the exact percentage of "bad to good results" is but anything with a chance of death would cause us to easily prefer Mirena over Novasure. Also, people tend to talk about negative experiences more than positive ones. She can choose to go with Mirena first and, if that doesn't work, go with the ablation but I don't want to put her through more than necessary.

Has anyone had either or both with a similar background as my mom?Any opinion or reference to other useful sources will be fully appreciated!

Thank you!!!

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