Hello. 4 months ago on New Year's Day, I attempted a handstand which failed causing my left pinky finger to crack. Instantly I felt intense pain and I was unable to move it without being in extreme agony. After 10 minutes the finger then swollen and bruised. Initially I convinced myself it was broken as I had broken my right hand pinky finger before and the pain felt really similar. But a trip to my local A&E proved there was no breaks but merely a sprain, but I myself wasn't convinced. They strapped my finger up and told me to leave without giving me any instructions on how long to keep it strapped for. My mum who has a little medical knowledge told me to take it off after two or three weeks. So after three, I did. It felt fine for a day but after that the pain came back and me being a pianist and into sports I couldn't afford to be in pain. So here I am now 4 months after the accident and I'm in more pain than ever, especially around the joints. I've been given Volterol by my GP who said it was nothing and honestly it has had no effect. I cannot straiten my finger and I have to constantly move it to stop it for going stiff. I need some advice because I don't know what to do. This is even stopping me from writing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as the NHS obviously can't help me. Thanks.