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I have been experiencing pretty bad pain in toe next to my pinky. The catch is that it only happens in bad weather. In warm months it goes away. This has been a problem for a couple years but is even worse this winter. It seems to be brought on my cold weather.

It is the worst when I wear shoes regardless of whether they are flats or heals. The toe gets all swollen and red and there is a lot of pain. The weird thing is that it is almost numb to the touch. When I take my shoes off and the toe warms up it still hurts to touch but not nearly as bad. I've always had poor circulation to the toes. Any ideas?


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I have the samething. I have had it since i was about 14. I hurt my toe really bad when i fell over at school. The hospital thought it was broke. They just strapped it up (i think, it was a long time ago) But in the winter when my feet get very cold it goes numb an it feels like its twice the size. I cant touch it cos its really painful on the joint.
I put it down to the bad injury. May be ligament damage too.