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3 days ago my index finger got caught in the door of my SVU. It hurt like hell but after the inital pain it got numb and its been like that since then. However, its been very swollen and the pain (as well as the feeling in it) is gradually coming back. My question ss : If it is broken or other structures are injured : is it bad to wait so long before getting treated ? Its Friday, can I wait until Monday ?
Thanks guys !



Hi there,

You have to understand that this happens to a lot of people and this is not something that is dangerous, but in some cases your finger can be in a real danger. In most cases you will have a bruising and small swelling and of course a lot of pain, but all of this goes away after several days. I do not thing that your finger is broken but you have to know that you will need to use some topical creams that will help you to ease the pain. I think that all will be over in several days. I hope this helped you in any way.


All the best,