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I went to a dentist two weeks ago for crown (lower right tooth). After placing a temporary crown I started feeling pain in the teeth and right ear (before the treatment I just had hot/cold sensitivity in this teeth.) The dentist claimed that pain is common with temporary crowns.
After placing the permanent crown the pain in the teeth is gone but I still have pain in my ear! What should I do know? I lost my confidence with this dentist, should I look for another, more specialized dentist? Should I look for ear specialist? Any medicine to relieve the pain?




You have to understand that pain in the ear can actually be an infection now. I am not sure how long has this been going on for but you could find another dentist ht will do a better job than your previous one. Also have you used any over the counter pain killers? There is a chance also that this might be a problem in some nerve in your jaw or near the ear beginning. Have you talked with your dentist about this possibility? Try first to get some over the counter pain killers and then see if you get any better. If the pain is consistent you need to see another dentist definitely.

Good luck,