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I just had sex yesterday may 9th 2012. he cleaned his penis before inserting it in my vagina and before he took it out he thinks he left some sperm. Ever since yesterday I have to pee none stop like every 5 or 10 minutes, & idk why. I am worried and scared. does any one know whats going on?? :'(


Howdy, first time having sex

Having sex without a condom is considered a High Level health risk. I advise you to use a condom and take steps to protect yourself next time you act in any sexual activity. I don't see how peeing a lot could be a sign of early pregnancy; it takes at least a week to feel some sort of change. You are probably peeing a lot due to nerves because you are psyching yourself out thinking you are pregnant. It would be if you took a pregnancy test and talk with you're boyfriend to see what's the next step.