In early October of this year, I went to see my primary doctor for a sore throat and some weird stabbing/prickly neck pain. He ordered an ultrasound done on my thyroid - A day after the ultrasound was completed, my doctor called me and said a small nodule (tumor) was found.  I was sent to a surgeon where eventually after completing a biopsy, the nodule was NOT cancer. 

I went back to primary dr. explaining I was having worse stabbing pain in my neck and still having a never-ending sore throat and numbness in the lower part of my face. My Dr. prescribed muscle relaxers - I tried them for a few days, the pills didn't take any of my pain away, only made me extremely sleepy.  Now, going on December my Dr. has ordered an MRI on my neck - My pain has increased alot, with terrible shooting pains going to the sides of my head.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? Or knows what it could be?  I was concerned about mouth / throat cancer. I'm NOT a smoker, but unfortunately I am a heavy drinker. I have stopped drinking alcohol for the last few weeks, because I was scared to make things worse.