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she is very delayed on her menstruation. she is an irregular person but we usually observe that her menstruation will be 30-35 days. she had her last menstruation around 27th of october and until now december 10, 2012 she still didn't had any. last november 30, 2012, we dry humped.. i ejaculated my sperm unto her body and used my hands as a protection of the sperm to move to the lower part.. after that my sperm got dried up so i got a cloth and wipe it off.. after wiping it off, we applied alcohol to both my hands and her body.. (her body means upper belly button).. i told her to push on her womb area she felt pain.. will she be pregnant? if yes, it could be 10 days late for an ecp.. what will i do? please help.. is the ECP still effective during these days? please please please.. i'm really worried.. :( i guarantee you that with my own knowledge about doing it, there is no semen that got near her vagina until that time that around 15 mintues after ejaculating, i tried to get inside her.. but she is still a virgin guys.. please.. help.. my sperm is still kind of clearish.. we are still young.. very young.. :( please..


there is no way she could be pregnant if you did not ejaculate inside of her.