Two days back when my gf came to my home this happened..we both seriously not hanging for sex..I did masturbating with my hands and i cleaned it with my towel without touching it..after 2 hours i again did masturbate for about 10 mins but i didnt notice whether there comes a precum or not..then my gf asked how it feels if we have sex..then i inserted my penis in to her vagina for about 20-30 she pushed me and again i masturbated for 2 mins and i got my sperm..this is the first time for us..I noticed there was no precum while inserting and exiting..and she got very little blood coming from her vagina...she is due to get her periods within one week..this happened two days back...after seeing the blood she got very upset that she might get pregnant...we r very sure i didnt ejaculate inside her and i didnt see any precu! while inserting and exiting for 30 there is a chance for precum?? is there is a chance for her to get pregnant from precum?? please tell me clearly and tell me what should i do next..waiting for ur answer