Couple months ago I was working out with free weights and a couple days later I started to have pains in my shoulder and collar bone area. I also noticed that when I lift my arm up about half way there is a tube like lump above my collar bone, you can only see it and feel it when my arm is raised. At first I thought it might have been a swollen lymph node but I dont think it is(yet I am no doctor) If it was a swollen lymph node would i be able to feel it without lifting my arm up? I dont have any other symptoms of a swollen lymph node(no tiredness, fatigue, weight loss, itching) none of that. I was just wondering if it could just be because I injured myself while working out or if it sounds like a swollen lymph node? A little bit about the tube like lump, Its soft and can wiggle back and forth, it hurts once in a while but not to often. Anyone have any idea's?