I'm sure there are other post floating around on here but I can't seem to find any that relate to me problem. It all started when I was stretching one morning and felt a swollen lymph node on the left side of my neck just below my ears above my collar bone (Posterior Cervical Lymph node) note several nodes (just one). I went to my doctor who ordered a CT Scan which I'm waiting for the results on, mean while he put me on Doxycycline HYX 100MG thinking maybe its just an infection. After about 3 days on the antibiotics I start to feel worse! I'm note sure if this is from the drugs or something related to the swollen node. Now It feels like there's a knot or lump feeling in my throat, a burning sensation when I burp, and really bad neck pain following stiffness in the neck and pain below the left side of my jaw line next to the left ear and down, uhhh ... I was not sick before any of this but I'm constantly worrying about this, in which I think I'm making myself sicker, if that make any sense. I'm not running a fever and I'm not having really bad headache just mild ones I'm sure because of stress. Anyone else had or have any similar problems like this?