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Hello, My name is Jessica and I am 22 years old. I am 4'11 and 170pounds. I eat decently well. Not to much fast food and I like fruits and veggies.

About half a year ago, or more now... I tried eating a hot dog and ended up getting sick. A few days later I tried eating lunch meat and got sick again. I stoped eating heavy stuff and that seemed to help. But it got worse and I started waking up everyday at like 7am or earlier getting sick for hours at a time. From there on I'd feel so hot when I'd wake up, so i thought it could be that I was getting to hot?

Well I wake up getting sick, some days I was sick all day long. And from that first full day of being sick I lost all appetite and dranking anything even water was a huge task. Some people at my work said I could have diabetes and need some kind of sugar when I start feeling sick. So I tried skittles and seemed to help alittle, all of a sudden all I could do was drank orange juice. WHICH MADE ME FEEL awesome! ... Until that stoped working too. Now cant eat til like 5pm or not at all. The smell of food makes me feel so sick.

It has gotten to the point where I am getting sick of life. It hurts so bad every morning. Ohh yeah... I have DD size breasts and as all woman know they get hot. But I seem to be holding my chest up every morning to lower my body heat. I've noticed that there is a dot in the middle of my chest, its like a bruse but has been the spot that seems to be hurtting me. Could I have to big of breasts?

I have so many things people are telling me that could be the problem. But no one seems to know what I am going threw.

Please any and all idea's would be great. I'd like to know what to say to my doctor when I actually go.


Dear Jessica,

I'm no professional doctor, but what you are describing is same thing I went through few years ago. When I went to the hospital they can't find nothing wrong with me, so days, weeks and months went by and my symptoms got worsen. I can't eat nor drink nothing if I put small amount of food or liquid into my stomach I vomit a lot. When I started feeling weak, and getting to the stage of passing out I finally went to different hospital and get second opinion and that is when they diagnose me with stomach and esophagus ulcers, inflammation of the intestines, gallbladder spasms, and I was one degree from becoming anemia. Yes, I was a total diaster, but with the help of the medical teams that done every single test that you could think of done of me; till this day they still don't know what has causes all the medical problems, but they did help me to get my health back on track and till this day I still have the chonic acid reflex, but every day I'm scared that it will return.

I'm not saying you have the same diagnose as I did few years ago, but it is best to see a professional doctor so that they could give you the right diagnoses, then coming on here and get misleading diagnoses from people who don't know what they are taking about, unless they are a professional doctor that been practicing in a professional settings all their life. I hope I help.