This week i have had a smaller appetite, and sharp pains top left, particularly when i wake up. Last night i felt so sick, i thought i had food poisoning, i felt like vomiting. I couldnt drink i felt so sick. Then i went out into the garden and got some fresh air then felt better. My stomach is very gassy, i have googled these symptoms and it says things to the extreme, like parasites or colon cancer, i am panicking, i  am only 12 if that is relevant.
What is this symptoms of? I have been to the doc before because i was having pains all over my stomach and i was given indigestion medicine, which was nothing to do with it. I really think there is something wrong, bad stomachs run in my family. my mother is lucky to be alive, her appendix ruptured and she got blood poisoning, anyway, what do you think this is?