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One of my mates is really into the bodybuilding scene and he is now thinking about using this stuff called kre-alkalyn. I myself can't really believe he is letting himself in with people who think you need to medicate to look good, and I think it must be terribly unhealthy. I am going to attempt to talk him out of using kre-alkalyn. Obviously, I need to come with some evidence and back my talk up with some good arguments. It would be nice if somebody could tell me more about kre-alkalyn and the side effects of long term use of this.


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Hey Ricki.

Kre-Alkalyn is really not tested very well, which would be my reason not to talk it - messing with sth scientists did not work with... and it is not a clinically tested compound, there are no reported side-effects of the product till date. Supposedly one should have better results with none of the negative side effects or toxic conversion seen with conventional creatine monohydrate, so it is better than creatine monohydrate, since it does not convert into creatinine prior to reaching skeletal muscle tissue, but ahs no negative stuff reported .

The problem is Kre Alkalyn is generally considered to be safe and effective, but the problem is there is no scientific evidence supporting the positive benefits of this form of creatine, and all benefits are mainly anecdotal in nature. From my stand point without clinical studies conducted to support the claims of manufacturers (who will always say it is best in wold, because they make money out of it), I would stay away from it.
There is no buyer beware" sign, and I would definitely not use Kre Alkalyn for personal use, simply because I don't wanna be guinea pig for a supplement that wasn't tested enough.

I hope you get to talk him out of taking it, but helping with long term effects - I am sorry but I can't do that because as already said (there of four times) - no evidence is conducted simply because the supplement is relatively new (about 20 years old).
However, that absolutely does not mean there are no side effects.