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Do you have any scientific information about tongue piercings and any side effects that may cause? This is something I need to know fairly quickly, because my daughter, who is 19 years old, really wants to get a tongue piercing and I am trying to talk her out of it. Is there any chance you can lose your sense of taste or anything equally nasty from a tongue piercing?


Well, actually if I were you, I wouldn't try talking her out of it.
She is 19, and should be able to make her own decisions.
However, I understand your concern as a parent.
Some side effects of having your tongue pierced, is that for one, it is going to SWELL!!
Right after you get the piercing, the tongue will start to swell.
You will need to hold ice-chips in the mouth, on the tongue.
You are advised to sleep with your head propped up, and not sleep on your stomach, or flat on your back.
Hmm, you aren't supposed to smoke for the first 24 hours after having it done, however you can smoke, as long as you rinse your mouth out with the antiseptic mouth rinse immediately after.
You CAN NOT have ANY dairy products, including but not limited to: cheese, milk, chocolate, ice cream, butter, milk shakes, ect.
You shouldn't use a straw for a few days, possibly up to a week, until the swelling goes down.
Also, for the first week-2 weeks, you can not eat hot meals/foods. It will cause the swelling to become worse, and if bad enough, could swell over the jewelry, and cause bleeding.

I guess now that I've told you all that, I should have also told you that before she gets the piercing (if she does) she needs to check her tongue. As strange as that sounds, I'm being serious.
Lift your tongue up to look at the underneath. See if the veins in your tongue split off into a sort of "Y" shape, or if the vein goes straight, down the middle of the tongue.
If it does go straight, I DO NOT advise her to get this done.
If you pierce your tongue and hit the vein, it could become fatal.
The vein in your tongue is not something that can be easily or quickly fixed, and could not be fixed at a tattoo/piercing shop, ect. Only a hospital could possibly fix it.

However, even if the vein does not split into the "Y" shape, it is still possible to have the piercing done, although it would have to be done slightly off to the side of the middle of the tongue and the vein.

I hope this helps you.
If you have any further questions, I would love to help you.
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my granddaughter wants tongue pierce. She is 18 and I k now I cannot stop her but she has had $6000 of dental work with another $4000 due to implant teeth. I cannot see paying for teethe that are going to be cracked