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i dont know where to put this so here it is:

My brother is smart guy, stayed in school got a degree and knows what’s good for him. Recently I’ve noticed he started up on creatine monohydrate. I’ve heard some nasty rumors about the stuff and was wondering if I should convince him to get off of it. I’ve researched all over the web but no matter where I went; at the bottom of the page there was always a link to buy some Creatine and of course they said there was no harm in taking the stuff properly. Anyways is it safe?


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Hey there!

Well, here are the facts:

Most of the studies attest complete safety of Creatine. Creatine doesn't promote any kind of kidney disease, muscle cramps, or similar, but it’s very important to drink plenty of water! The person who uses creatine should at least drink more then 3 liter water daily!

However there are really very few side effects reported with creatine use but they include: upset stomach, muscle cramping, diarrhea and dehydration.

These side effects can be minimized by drinking plenty of water when taking creatine. In addition. Powder will provoke more side effects as opposed to a more direct delivery method like serum.

It’s also very important to say that creatine does not effect your hormone levels. This means you do NOT get side effects like bad skin and mood swings. However, all people are not the same. The only problem is allergy to creatine but this is really rare. Having a creatine allergy is like having an allergy to meat. At the end if creatine makes pain in your stomach, of course you should stop with consumption.

Scientists have tested the use of creatine over the long time period so here are some studies:

“On November 12, 1999 at the 19th Annual Southwest American College of Sports Medicine Meeting, two long term creatine studies were presented from the Exercise & Sport Nutrition Lab at the University of Memphis*. Both studies showed that 9 months of creatine supplementation (taking an average of 5 grams per day) in athletes had no negative effects on markers of renal function or muscle and liver enzymes in comparison to athletes not taking creatine. “

Anyway, creatine over-dose is possible and could be a big problem. Any creatine your body does not use is excreted as a waste product called creatinine. If you take 20 grams a day of creatine - your body will not be able to use most of it and will have to excrete the excess. Over time this constant excretion of creatinine can put a lot of work on your kidneys and liver.

This is it! Take your brother look at this Beginners Guide:

This will help him NOT to abuse creatine! Also creatine is not recommended for teenagers.

Hope this will help you!


i wish people who posted things online, knew all the fects before they responded to others questions. Creatine, does mess with you hormone levels. and becasue of that can cause changes in moods, skin, and other things that are based off your hormone levels.