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My cousin is suffering from pain in his legs and arms for some time now. He doesn't have insurance so I want to know can anyone help me with some possible causes for his problem, so I can give him OTC medicines until he can afford medical care?

I did some research on internet and found out that fibromyalgia is probably cause for this type of pain. But i'm unsure how can someone diagnose fibromyalgia. And what to do next?Is there any other possible causes for this and how someone can treat them? What about pain pills? Is it safe for him to take them?

I hope he'll get his insurance soon, but until then, I'm his only hope.


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Hello, there.

Besides fybromyalgia, pain in legs and arms can be caused by arthritis, some illnesses, or restless leg syndrome.

But, fibromyalgia is the most difficult condition to diagnose because it mimics serious conditions such as lupus or multiple sclerosis. That's why you need medical expert for that diagnose. 

There is no cure for fibromyalgia, but there are many treatments available. For an example, one can ease symptoms with anti-depressants or anti-inflammatories. 

Keep in mind that physical exercise is very important in treatment along with massage.

But, none of this will work until you find out the real cause of pain.