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I am 25, a tad over a year ago I had blood work done because I had high blood pressure. It ended up being all wacked out. I started seeing a hematologist, who started giving me iron infusions, after an oral iron supplement did nothing.

I had low WBC, MCH, ALYMP, Ferritin,

I had high MONO.

Weak positive for Anti Neutrophil Antibody.

That is the only blood work results I have physically in front of me. I haven't been to him since lack of insurance.

About two months ago, I had a swollen lymphnode on my face next to my ear... ignored it.. then a month later I woke up with a full body rash. Well from my chest to the top of my feet. The second day of the rash I was hurting: ankles, knees, wrists. Then I had the rash on my face (cheeks and on my nose). It didn't itch, and it had no texture. I made a doc. appt. the first day I had the rash (It was bright red in some spots and so hot to the touch). He said he didn't know what it was and put me on Prednisone, the first three days of the med the rash would come and go.

I only get it on my face now.

But also I wake up EVERY morning so stiff it hurts to get up and walk, I can't stand up straight. My hands are so swollen it hurts to bend my fingers, I can't make a fist... I can't even open my sons sippy cup for him or turn a door knob.

My ankles are swollen. My knees, fingers, toes, shoulders, ankles wrists.. ect. hurt... I can't even pick my son up.

This can't be normal. I am working on getting any type of medical help I can, because well, medical bills are piling up, and looks like I will be paying them the rest of my life!

Thanks for any input.


See a Rheumatologist. I am experiencing similiar symptoms and have an appointment with a Rheumatologist. It may be an autoimmune disease. There are so many but usually hard to diagnose. They may have to rule out Lupus, Lymes, MS etc..... Good luck to you and find a good doctor. That is the key.