ok, hoping someone will give me some input here. My Diagnosis: Slight Septal deviation, concha bullosa causing blocked right maxillary sinus. My ENT wants to operate. He wants to clear the blockage of the maxillary sinus, and possibly repair the deviated septum, although I had the deviation fixed about 20 years ago, so that part is up in the air. I have tried nasal sprays, washes daily, antibiotics (long courses) and prednisone. No changes. My only issues are really slight stuffiness and facial pain that is present about every other day. I have NO nasal discharge, nothing yellow or green or goopy. So, do I have an infection or is it just a blockage? This is considered an elective surgery, so I have some concerns. I'm worried about the anesthesia as I have a history of heart palps. I am also concerned about infection, as I have read that many people are mrsa carriers in their nose. What are the risks of not having the blockage fixed? One ENT said it's not a big deal, I'd just suffer colds worse than the average person, and my second opinion doc is pressing surgery saying he could make me feel better. I have a six year old, and three year old twins. I don't want to do anything that puts my life at risk! But I also don't want to let my extreme fears put myself in a different risk category. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.