I've had a cough since December, and my pulmonologist hasn't been able to find the cause after many rounds of mediciations, breathing tests and a bronch scope.

A CT of my sinuses showed up some potential issues, so he referred me back to my ENT (this guy took my tonsils out last year when I was 27).

The ENT did a rigid scope, and walked me through the recorded video and the CT scan at the same time and found the following (all of these are on the right of my head):

1) I have no maxillary sinus
2) I have inferior turbinate hyperplasia
3) My sphenoid sinus is filled with something, and the opening is underdeveloped and not allowing the sinus to drain properly (rigid scope showed a trail of mucus, and red area around the opening)
4) I have a deviated septum (to the right) which is pressing against the inferior concha
5) My ethmoid sinus looks underdeveloped on the CT, but the opening could not be seen on the rigid scope due to the septum and inferior concha.

The ENT is recommending surgery to dilate the sphenoid opening, correct the septum and inferior turbinate reduction. While inside, he will be able to get a better look at the ethmoid and decide if any dilation needs to take place there too.

How common is this underdevelopment of the sinuses?

The under/over development of the right side of my head doesn't seem to have occured on the left at all (when I had my tonsils removed, the right tonsil was also significantly larger than the left without any signs of infection).

Do any of you have any experiences with this kind of surgery? The ENT has told me that the work on my sphenoid will not be as hard as the tonsilectomy (it took me 3 weeks to get over it and for the pain to go away enough to return to office work), but is riskier due to the proximity to the optic nerve and the brain.

I'm waiting to hear back from the ENTs office today to see when they can do the surgery.

The ENT doesn't know if this gradual post nasal drip is causing the cough, but thinks the surgery should be done regardless of the coughing.