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hi im 17, i am realy confused with my situation and would like some clarification. i have had dandruff for a while now and i am look into ways of getting rid of the thick flakes on my scalp. when i pick at my scalp the situation seems to worsen it is sometimes bloody. from my understanding my dandruff is caused because of a fungus. i dont know what dandruff shampoo to use and i dont understand how often i should use it. should i use every day every other day etc. and am wondering what shampoo and conditioner to use besides anti-dandruff shampoos to keep scalp healthy. also with further research i have found other things such as listerine and i am wondering how often should i apply to scalp.

being very explanatory will help alot thx!


Hi Guest,

Often, your doctor can give you the best answer as they've evaluated your condition.

fungal shampoo.  Look for one that contains ketoconazole, zinc pyrithione, or selenium.  Use it daily.  The medication may lose effectiveness after a while.  Try another brand then.

Try not to pick at your scalp.  Avoid conditioners.  They can cause a buildup on the hair and you don't need it.  Remember, the part of your hair that you see is dead.

Hope it helps