Within 3 days of finishing chemo in Nov. 2015 I developed shingles. I had chicken pox at age 13, and never any other herpes type of outbreak since. I never had pimples as a teen, except for an occasional zit during puberty.

Since shingles, I've had severe facial, scalp and chin/neck skin problems. I began seeing the dermatologist in Feb 2016 and over the course of 2 yrs battled this cystic nodular acne, up to 16 leaking bumps at a time. The outbreak is never completely gone, when 10 dry out, 10 more replace those. The areas begin with red itchy burning bumps & within hours the bumps are seeping thin, yellowish drainage. Next stage is severity with the afore-mentioned symptoms over the course of approximately a week. Finally they dry, but more occur.

I have been on multiple antibiotics, facial prescription ointments & creams, and Myorisan, which calmed the acne but never cured it. After a year on Myorisan, my liver enzymes were critically elevated,and Myorisan had to be discontinued. Here I am back again, square one, all the same symptoms. 

I cannot wear makeup, and I am embarrassed to go out as I get looks from people who wonder what is going on. Everyone of my friends has a solution, all of which I have already tried without success. Any advice?