Hi everyone,
I had an abortion in 2009. After 2 weeks, I was supposed to go back to the clinic for 2 week check-up which I skipped for some personal reason. 
It's been 3 years now and I have not had any sexual check-up or have seen any gyno after that abortion. But recently I found out that the follow-up checkup is quite important which I have pasted below:

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How important is that 2 week check-up afterwards?
It's VERY important! Why?

It's important that a doctor check you out, and make sure there is no infection in your uterus.

It's important to see if you are healing properly

It's important to see that your cervix has 'closed' completely - this takes two weeks or longer after an abortion. Once your cervix has returned to it's normal 'closed' state,then it is safe for you to swim, take a bath, have intercourse, ect. When your cervix is still 'open', there is a chance that bacteria can get up into your uterus, and cause painful and possibly damaging infections.

It's important to make sure that the abortion was 'complete'. Sometimes there are cases where tissue is still retained - it can be called a 'missed abortion', or an 'incomplete abortion'. This is serious if it does happen, and usually requires you to immediately undergo another D&C to remove the remaining tissue.
Don't avoid the checkup, it could lead to serious pain and complications later!  

Well, so far I haven't had any side effects, pain or unexplained bleeding except maybe decline in my lust and irregular period which doesn't seem too much of a problem to me.

My question is that:Will it affect me in my future if I wanna conceive? Will I be able to conceive at all? And as I don't seem to have any problems, does it mean my cervix is properly closed? Also, my current partner has no idea about it and I wanna keep it that way, so if I visit a gyno or some doctor will they instantly know that I have had abortion?
Please give me some answer, I will really appreciate it.Thanks.