I'm going to provide full details of the problem. Please if you know anything or have gone through a similar situation please try to help.

3 weeks ago i felt this kind of electricity situation in my left hand after a night of studying, i felt my hand go slightly numb and for a few days, the numbness and tingling continued. Then i felt the same kind of sensation in my right hand, and later that night i felt tingling and numbness in my feet as well. 2 days later i started feeling out of breath, tired and lethargic at night and it was thought to be my thyroid but tests came back normal, and after a chest X ray the doctor found i have a lung infection and i got antibiotics prescribed to me. These symptoms are now gone but there is still slight numbness in hands and feet. There is also a painless electricity sensation in my back, arms, and feet. Also some pain in the neck and back.

Please help i dont know what is the cause of this! I am only 17, i dont know why i an experiencing these issues. Thank you a lot if you decide to help.