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Recently, I have been experiencing some burning and itching on my labia folds. I have no clue what it is and at first I thought it was cyst (it feels like an inflammation; a bump) . I just looked in a mirror to see whats down there and found a tiny brown spot located exactly where the the bump is and I'm wondering what this may be. I am definitely disturbed by this. I'm 18 and have had no intercourse but 'skin to skin' contact (But that has stopped for a while now). It would be greatly appreciated if anyone has / had something similar to what I have, or know what this is, whether it's really just a cyst, STD, or some kind of cervical cancer.

Thank you.


To ease your mind firs about the worst possibility you were afraid of -cervical cancer, no, this definitely can't have anything to do with cervical cancer because your cervix is located inside your abdomen, the other name for cervix is "the neck of the uterus", so that should give you idea about it's location.

How big is the bump?