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I have had a small bump on the inside of my inner labia, close to my vaginal opening for a few months (I did not have health insurance for a long time, I have it now and am going to be making an appointment this week to have this looked at). The bump cannot be popped and does not look like there is anything in it to squeeze out and is smooth and looks almost clear. It is small and does not change in size or color, although I did notice last month it seemed a little red around the time I had my period. I cannot find a picture anywhere that looks anything like this. It has not spread at all, it has just been the one small bump and is not at all painful. I wouldn't have even known it was there if I hadn't one day looked down there with a mirror just to self check myself to see if everything looked ok. If anyone has any idea what this is please let me know. Thanks.


this is exactly what I'm experiencing!!! what did the doc tell you? did u ever find out what it was? thank you!!!!

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