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I noticed a growth starting to form about 3 weeks ago on the edge of my minor labia about 4 days after unprotected sex.
The very next day i went to the doctors, and they told me it just looks like an irritation and that i should come back after 1 week if it is still there.
Well 3 weeks have passed and i have noticed no significant changes. It is not painfun, it is not hard, it does not burn and it is the same color as the rest. It is tender sometimes though but not on direct touch. i am really concerned because it doesnt seem to be going away. . .it is slightly irritating because i am aware that its there, and it is close to my clitoris so i can feel it rub sometimes...please help.


We can't actually help like this because we can't see the bump and your description doesn't ring a bell.
It would be best like your dosctor said to see them again if the bump didn't go away in a week. Since it has been three weeks, you better make another appointment.

It bothers me that the bump appeared a few days after the intercourse although this doesn't have to mean that it is an STD.