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A long time ago (when I used to wear too small shoes) I developed a small bump on the second toe of my right foot and on the third toe of my left foot (not pictured). It appears to be some sort of bone deformation and I can feel the difference in the smoothness of my corresponding toes on each foot. So my questions are:

  • What is this condition called (if it has a name)? I'm pretty sure they aren't corns (this isn't thickened skin).
  • If possible, how may I reduce the appearance of it?

So obviously, I no longer wear too small shoes. Consequently, I needed surgery on the last three toes of both feet but my surgeon said that he wouldn't consider these 'bumps' because it would be special type of surgery and that it would require even more healing time. Needless to say, he didn't actually diagnose what the problem was.

I can only provide links to the photos as images are blocked:



it just a small bump .its not a big deal everybody gets them.