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the toenail of my left foot big toe has been growing, for the past several
months, much more convex and much harder than the nail on my right
foot big toe, making it very difficult to clip it. I am a 72 yr old man, retired, I wear comfortable shoes and play golf (walking, no golf-cart) 5
or 6 times a week. What could it be, and is there a remedy? Thanks.

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It would be best if you went to a podiatrist or a pedicure to take care of your problem at least for the first time and see if there is a fungus between the nail and the skin. Fungus just loves the moist and warm areas and when an infection occurs, your nails may become thick, sometimes yellow and separated from the nail bed.

A pedicure or a podiatrist could help you cut the nail, making sure they don’t get stuck into your skin. When this happens, it becomes very painful, it may enable you to walk and you may need to have a “surgery” to take out the nail, so I think that the attitude better to prevent than heal would perfectly fit in this story.

If something like this happens to your foot, you may even contract bacteria, which can make a real mess, so I would go and see a specialist. If anything else, at least they will show you how to treat your thickened nail and how to cut it.