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I am curious is there any there any thing i can do to get my corns removed with out surgery I am very much interested in finding out what to do.


A corn is a form of callus, a protective layer of dead skin cells formed due to repeated friction.

To remove a corn or callus, soak it in very warm water for five minutes or more to soften the hardened tissue, then gently sand it with a pumice stone. Several such treatments may be necessary. Do not trim corns or calluses with a razor blade or other sharp tool. If the cutting instrument is not sterile, infection can result, and it is easy to slip and cut too deep, causing excessive bleeding or injury to the toe or foot.

There are a number of over-the-counter pads, plasters, and medications for removing corns and calluses. These treatments commonly contain salicylic acid, which may cause irritations, burns, or infections that are more serious than the corn or callus. Use caution with these medications. The following patients should not use them:

- Patients with diabetes.
- Patients with reduced feeling in the feet due to circulation problems or neurological damage.
- Patients who do not have the flexibility or eyesight to use them properly.

To prevent corns and calluses and relieve discomfort if they develop:

- Do not wear shoes that are too tight or too loose. Wear well-padded shoes with open toes or a deep toe box (the part of the shoe that surrounds the toes). If necessary, have a cobbler stretch the shoes in the area where the corn or callus is located.
- Wear thick socks to absorb pressure, but do not wear tight socks or stockings.
- Apply petroleum jelly or lanolin hand cream to corns or calluses to soften them.
- Use doughnut-shaped pads that fit over a corn and decrease pressure and friction, they are available at most drug stores.
- Place cotton, lambs wool, or mole skin between the toes to cushion any corns in these areas.


Can't see the correlation between corns and cancer myslef, but perhaps I am missing something ... %-)