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I have several bumps on my lips. I have some on the top and bottom. Friday night I kissed a boy that I've never kissed before and Monday night my lip started itching. Tuesday morning I had bumps on my lips. On the corner of my bottom lip there is a group of bumps and on the  other area its just one single bump. Ive never been told that I was allergic to anything so Im not sure if its an allergic reation or something else. I used some carmex just in case it might be several cold sores. On Monday night i used this lip balm but I've been using it for awhile now and I dont think it would start irritating my skin months after using it. Is that possible? My lips were chapped so I put the lip balm on that I used on Monday and they started burning. they've been burning ever since. I used a papertowel and water to stop the burning but that didnt help. I even put a ice cub to try to stop the burning. I've looked up several things to try to figure out what these bumps are. I'm scared that they might be herpes but the boy i kissed didnt have any bumps on his lips. Ive known him for almost a year and Ive never seen bumps. I read that herpes can be sent through saliva but we didnt kiss that wat. Im nervous and Im freaking out. Can someone please tell me what these bumps might be.


Probably mouth herpes... Don't kiss boys when you're too young.