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Hey all, now bear with me because I don't particulary want to be posting this and its prolly just me being a bit over careful, anyways (im 16 by the way) about a year ago I was washing and noticed a build of some yellow/white substance under the forkskin at the base of the 'head', at the time I didn't think about it and just regarded it as trapped sperm but a year on now and i still have a build up of it, its only noticable if i pull the foreskin back and take a look, and I can rub some of it off although its a bit stubborn, I've read it could be smegma? but I just want to know, up to know it has not caused me any problems at all and i have no rash or pain doing anything down there, its just annoying knowing its there, I can't of yet pull my foreskin down properly so its hard for me to clean it away easily, is it normal for this to be there and will it cause any problems because Iv'e known about it for a year and not had any problems with it? thanks


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Hey there,

Yep, I think it’s smegma. Let me explain you a bit more about smegma. Smegma is the secretions of the sebaceous glands. It could disturb your appetite when you see it, especially the cheesy secretion, but this kind of secret is normal by man and also by woman. It consists primarily of dead skin cells, which could (by men) be found beneath the foreskin. Mainly, man with longer foreskin can frequently find smegma beneath their foreskin, but by circumcised males this is not the case. This has caused the argument over whether circumcisions ought to be performed to impact the related argument over whether smegma is beneficial or harmful. The lack of smegma has been described as a benefit of circumcision for men who neglect their hygiene. In contrast, the loss of subpreputial wetness consisting of natural skin oils has been described as a harm of circumcision for men whose glans could become dry and chafed. The Smegma can be easily removed by wiping or washing the genital area.

However, together with dead skin cells, this area of your penis, could be a perfect home for bacteria colonies. Current medical opinion is that allowing smegma to accumulate freely is unhealthy. Smegma is mostly present by uncircumcised men with poor personal or excessive hygiene. Later, the smegma could lead to foreskin and penis head infection called balantis.

A lack of aeration and irritation because of smegma and discharge surrounding the glans penis causes inflammation and edema.

Preventing accumulation is best done by rinsing the area with warm water. In females, the hood of the clitoris can be gently pulled back to wash away smegma. Avoid washing with soap because the soap depletes natural skin oils and it may cause dermatitis.

Anyway, to avoid the sedimentation of smegma, try to wash your penis head with warm water a few times a day. Also, during masturbation try to retract your foreskin down from penis head. This could help you to eliminate the smegma in the future, because the smegma could be a big holdback for your next sexual experience!

Take care!



Smegma is normal and very common. It can turn into a major problem if it starts to smell. You should start using a penis health creme containing Vitamin A, which will target and destroy the odor-causing bacteria. Hope this helps.