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My granddaugther has antisocial personality disorder what meds. are given to people with this disorder.She takes risperdal the morning and 200mg. at night and abilfity,vyvass50mg.thyroid meds.because she also has a thyroid problem. and she still is out of control I had to put her in a group home.Is there some meds. that will help her please help me. :'(


Hi I am so sorry to hear about your struggles with your granddaughter. I was recently able to be around several people with Antisocial Personality Disorder in an inpatient hospital setting. I think, overall, as hard as this may seem---- putting someone in a home, which involves a social setting that is safe, as hard as it is --- it is probably the right thing to do because it keeps her safe. (blessing in disguise)

With Antisocial Personality Disorder, people who are comfortable or can adjust to group therapy seem to get more benefit from group therapy over taking psychiatric medication. The people I was able to get to know had more benefits with group therapy over any other treatment. Thyroid medication was also extremely important but psychiatric medication didn't work as much. Also, individual therapy only worked if the patient trusted the therapist.

I am not sure why she is taking the risperdal and abilify... but if the doctor has her on those medications then she is probably going to benefit from the medications used to treat thinking disorders and/or bipolar type problems. That's just my two cents though.. as I am not a professional.

Good luck! And try group therapy if antisocial is the main problem!!! Over time, it seemed to help a lot of my friends.. it does require patience and time but it did bring about positive changes.