I don't smoke, rarely drink soda pop, rarely drink alcohol, etc, but the roof of my mouth directly behind my teeth gets sore every day.
I don't wake up with it, it starts to get more sore as the day goes on. By late afternoon, it's often so sore that it affects my speech. I find myself in the habit of constantly sucking at that area with my tongue. I can control this, but once my mind is on something else, I realize I'm doing it again.
I've never had such a thing when I was younger.. no similar long-term habit with any part of my body.

I had been on Geodon for a number of years along with antidepressants. The stuff wasn't doing anything for me, so finally I slowly weaned off of it. Once I was told by an M.D. that the Geodon might have led to my getting a something akin to a tic, an involuntary or semi-involuntary motor action, often of the fingers and/or mouth called tardive dyskinesia. I was sent from dr. to dr. (I'm sure many of you know that horrible routine).

Lastly, I ended up with a specialist in nervous disorders like MS and so forth. He prescribed me .5mg clonadine 3x daily. I was never able to conclusively determine whether that helped or not, but now am back at Square One. And it still bugs the heck out of me. I changed toothpaste to get rid of sodium laureth sulphate, which I heard can be irritating. 

I was diagnosed diabetic type II about a year ago. That's been under control for a year now with diet and metformin. Drs. don't think it plays a role here..
I'm at my wits' end. Has anybody been here?
Any ideas? Some kind of mouth guard? Or am I barking up the wrong tree?
Thanks in advance!

Mike in L.A.