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i have a sore cracked tongue and is very sore please could you hellp


Its hard to diagnose this without seeing it and getting a little more history. Have you injured it at all? Do you think it could be some sort of infection?
If you can get some Chlorohexidine rinse that is always the best bet for these sort of issues and what just about every dentist will can also try listerine...even just warm salt water rinses (yes they do help)

The "cracked' part is what concerns me....what do these cracks look like? Has your mouth been dry (in that case do NOT use listerine) If you do have problems with excessive dryness there is a brand at just about every store named biotene...they sell mouthwash, toothpaste, gel, and gum.....use one or some or all of these products and it will help immensely with the dry mouth, in turn helping with the cracked, in turn helping the sorness....
If I am way off track try to give me a little is your oral hygiene, are you taking any meds at all?, have you had any toothaches or bumps, or even bad breath recently? When was the last time you saw the dentist?