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Ok, so I shave regularly (daily or at max, 2 days between) and everytime im alittle itchy when the hair is growing in, so the other day I shaved, and the next day I was itchy, but my hood I think its called, where my 2 vagina lips merge together at top, was really itching bad, well I itched throw my clothes till I didnt realize but,i made myself bleed, now it looks lik sores or something but no blisters, and no fluid since the blood, and it looks like skin patches missin what could this b? Oh and it doesnt bother me now unless I mess wit it, im not even itchy anymore just keep looking to see if anythings changed or not. please tell me this is normal.... Oh n not an ingrown hair for sure


hi my name is monica

iam a doctor i do this for free

i would like to check on your promblen

if you are in sydnet and can you please let me know what

so you can make an appointment

you can email me


thank you monica