I hav a question. So I recently( about a month ago) picked up pubic lice, which I am almost certain it was not from sexual contact but from some other source such as bedding or clothes being shared. upon realizing what it was I freaked out, and completely shaved all my pubes. Soon after a couple of bumps started to show up after I shaved, with hair coming from them. I never had ingrown hairs, but thats what i assumed that what it was. I didnt think it was herpes because the bumps never showed up until right after i shaved. And i know i didnt take care of how i shaved my pubic region. The bumps eventually went away and the hair grew back in its place. Now about a month or two later i am starting to have these itchy, tingling sensations. I am not sure if its all in my mind, or if i have some sort of rash--or the worst possible scenario: genital herpes. I am going to get tested, but i just wanted to see if maybe the area has gotten irritated from constantly checking to see if anything has shown up unusual--which it has not. just the sensation if i wear certain clothes and such. Do you think its genital herpes is what this is.I have no other symptoms to identify it by.