Large number of women suffers from hot flashes during menopause. They are manifested by sudden and rather intense feeling of heat that’s caused by reduction in estrogen levels. New study found interesting fact that certain compound in soybean can reduce frequency and severity of these hot flashes during menopause. It was found that in countries where soybeans is consumed regularly women rarely suffer from hot flashes and that’s the reason why scientists decided to test certain compound found in soybean. This could be alternative to hormone therapy, scientists claim.

During the research, doctors examined about 150 women and divided them into three groups. One group took 40 mg of concentrated compound from soybean, other group 60 mg while third group took placebo. After 12 weeks results showed that first group reduced hot flashes by 50%, second group by 1 or 2 % more while placebo group showed reduction by 39%.

It was discovered during the research that long term use of soybeans could help in treating some other conditions like coronary heart disease, stroke and improve quality of life also. Anyway, it showed improvement in women which was similar to alternative therapies such as serotonin inhibitor but unlike some of them this therapy showed none side effects.